According to the Miami sentinel "report, the heat in the summer of next year to compete for big free agent Kevin durant. In order to make enough cap space, the heat could deal hazen - whiteside next season.

"They (heat) will act to durant? Yes. Pat riley is making preparations for the direction? Of course." Sentinel ", "the Miami heat, a senior reporter ella - WenDeMan points out," but I think it wholesale Kevin Durant jerseys need to break up the team's line-up to some extent, I think so because this team has been trading off first-round draft picks in the next few years, so their chips is very limited."

"Hazen - whiteside may also become a trade bait." He continued, "if the NBA become a ball, if the heat satisfaction bosh and mike Roberts big-man combination, I am looking forward to see cheap Kevin Durant jerseys online in the preseason, then it is likely to Miami until next summer to whiteside open cheap Kevin Durant t-shirt big contract, but in next year's trade deadline send him away. I think it's going to be pat riley chasing a clear signal of durant."

Durant is undoubtedly one of the most famous NBA free agent next summer, besides the thunder team will be best cheap Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant jerseys to keep him, in the league has more team competition will be fierce to him, and the main contenders include: the heat and the wizards.

Grantland site of experts, notes zack lowe next summer, the heat of the salary mainly concentrated in three players (bosh, Della ji and mike Roberts), which means they will have enough cap space.

"A star can change everything, and riley always can get a star player. Next summer, the heat can make almost $40 million in cap space. If they go mike Roberts, then most can make $45 cheap Kevin Durant jerseys china million in cap space." Lowe wrote.

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