Recently, the thunder star Kevin durant publicly claimed that he was the best player in the world. For this, the basketball legend "J" Dr. Julius - Owen agree, and now he thinks the NBA is only durant, Stephen curry and James can compete for Kevin Durant jerseys for sale the title of "the first person of alliance.

Durant was in Spain for activities recently in an interview with cheap Kevin Durant jerseys free shipping the media mogul in: "I am still the best player in the world." And the cheap Kevin Durant jerseys supply outside world. To this, "Dr. J" said: "he (Kevin durant) should not cheap Thunder Kevin Durant jerseys take anyone in front of him." Before very long period of time, lebron James has always been considered "first person" in the NBA, but in the past two seasons, durant and garage winning the MVP trophy.

"Dr. J" in an interview, it is pointed out that, Kevin durant and garage should be discussed to join the "best player of the world". "Basketball said the people in the world will soon lebron is the best player on the pitch, but also some people think that (the title) belong to Stephen curry or Kevin durant." "Said Dr. J", "they (durant and garage) may be only able to claims that the player (the title) and to vote. Now, garage is at the top of the world. You know, lebron may be look up to him."

This summer, "best team" became the hot topic. The interview, "Dr. J" wholesale Kevin Durant jerseys from china also revealed his idea of the best team, they are: Oscar Robertson, jerry west and Elgin baylor, bill Russell and wilt chamberlain.

"Dr. J" also said that this view since he was 15 years old and never changed.

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