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It's time to come bowling. Palmyra Bowling is back!

Palmyra Bowling Covid-19 Policies - Revised 7/29/20
If you are sick or don't feel well, please visit us when you are well. 
Masks are required to enter are to be worn at all times, unless you have a medical condition that prohibits you from wearing one.  
There will be one lane on either side of each group to allow for social distancing. Our group policy is in effect. Parties of 1-6 people will be given one lane. Parties of 7-12 will be given 2 lanes. Reservations are preferred and highly suggested especially for groups of 7+. We do our best to assign lanes together for larger groups but, due to adhering to social distancing guidelines, we cannot guarentee it. 
Observe social distancing at all times.  As stated above, groups will be seperated by leaving an open lane between them. Stay in your assigned area as much as possible. Do not visit other bowling lanes. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Our game room is closed. 
All tables, chairs and bowling balls on each lane are cleaned and sanitized. We clean and sanitize them between each use.
Bowling Balls are on racks under the high top back tables. They are sanitized and ready for use when customers arrive. When choosing your bowling ball please maintain proper social distancing and do not walk through someone else's bowling area. Do Not take and use balls from any other ball returns.
When your group is done bowling, all bowling balls stay on the returns and rental shoes are to be placed on the floor by their table. We clean and sanitize all equipment, tables and chairs after you leave and return them to their areas.  

Dutchman Bolony Bowling Tournament

One of the largest bowling tournaments on the East Coast!

To find out more about this yearly tournament, entry forms or current standings, please visit their website at



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